AboutWho Are We?

Bits&Sparks is a marketing agency based in Silicon Valley. We help tech companies stand out with differentiated messaging and hard-hitting creative. We also help clients drive incremental sales results by enabling their sellers to sell more effectively and communicate the right message in a simple way.


Before founding Bits&Sparks we were senior marketing leaders in major technology companies. We grew frustrated with how tech was being marketed, and often fell into the same traps ourselves. Trying to avoid boring campaigns with endless features lists and a saturation of buzzwords, we hired creative agencies. But while we got cool ideas and slick designs, they never really internalized our technology or the subtleties of the market, making very little impact on the bottom line.
So we founded an agency where creative and tech are one.

So, who’s on our team?

Bits&Sparks is about combining deep market and technology understanding with unconventional creativity. Our two primary teams work hand-in-hand from the beginning of the process: Bits - marketing, sales, and technology experts, and Sparks - creative, design, and advertising pros.
Magic becomes possible with this unique combination, capturing both the hearts and the minds of the audience.

What do customers say about us?

I was skeptical that an outside agency could understand the complexity of a business such as Adobe. Bits&Sparks not only did that, they also delivered insights that transformed our offerings, resulting in significant impact on sales. Bits&Sparks became a natural extension of our group, partnering with us to lead strategic conversations with flawless creative execution.

Gerald Ashby,  Product Lead, Adobe

Lightbits is operating in a highly competitive market, and creating a differentiated positioning and brand is critical for our success. Our decision to work with Bits&Sparks (after reviewing many other agencies) proved itself big time. They developed a spot-on message and outstanding creative, which helped us stand out and get relevant attention in the market - leading to significant business results.

Eran Kirzner, Founder and CEO, Lightbits Labs

Cloudinary invented a developer-focused category and we are now the largest vendor in our market. Over time, we've targeted new markets and opportunities and needed to ensure our customer value proposition remained compelling.

Bits&Sparks helped us create a differentiated positioning and brand alongside a clear unified offering, all tied together with strong creative and visuals. This has meaningfully impacted our business growth.

Sanjay Sarathy, CMO, Cloudinary

Bits&Sparks ran a thoughtful process and exhibited intelligent out-of-the-box-thinking. Beyond refreshing creative, they developed deep enablement content that redefine my expectations from outside agencies.  Without a doubt, this was our best global sales kickoff ever!

Jeff Mitchell, SVP Sales, VMware

Coming out of stealth after years of development, we decided to place our bets on Bits&Sparks. Within only a few weeks, they ran a methodical process to research our technology and market, emerging with impressive insights that helped us craft our messaging and differentiate ourselves from the crowded AI processing space. Clearly, Bits&Sparks have been a big contributor to our success

Eitan Medina, CBO, Habana Labs

Bits&Sparks offers a unique approach to marketing, merging creative with a deep understanding of the market. I strongly recommend using them for any high stakes marketing project.

Gilad Raichstain, VP Sales Cloud Einstein, Salesforce

I’ve hired dozens of creative agencies over the years. Having worked closely with the leaders of Bits&Sparks, I can say surely say that they are the best choice for tech companies looking for impactful results.

Inbar Lasser-Raab, VP Enterprise Product Marketing, Cisco