AI Performance,
Not Stories.

Branding & positioning
With a growing need for AI services, cloud providers are in high demand for AI processing power. A number of tech companies are racing to create the strongest AI processor on the planet. One of them, Habana, was coming out of stealth and looking to generate buzz in the industry. They partnered with Bits&Sparks to develop a differentiated brand and positioning.
The slogan “AI Performance. Not Stories.” was created to illustrate the fact that unlike competitors who make ongoing investments in PR with no working product to speak of, Habana is the only one with a fully functional AI processor.

The new branding included simple and clean visuals to showcase Habana's groundbreaking technology. Everything had to be compelling to resonate with the audience, which included plenty of dubious engineers.
The company reveal started with the opening keynote at the annual AI-Hardware conference in Silicon Valley, generating plenty of customer interest and extensive press coverage. Not long after launch, Habana was acquired by Intel for $2B.

“Within only a few weeks, they ran a methodical process to research our technology and market, emerging with impressive insights that helped us craft our messaging and differentiate ourselves from the crowded AI processing space. Clearly, Bits&Sparks have been a big contributor to our success,” said Eitan Median, chief business officer at Habana.


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